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Hyeum Symbol 



'Hyeum’ is a compound word in which Old Korean ‘hye’ (wisdom) mixes with German ’Raum’ (space) ‘Wise Space’… A creative construction company that creates wise architectural spaces. It is a new company mission to create a space that is more comfortable to live utilizing the wisdom and creative ideas of the organization.



Horizontal Type


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Vertical Type


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Color system


Hyeum’s CI exclusive color is another important means of  differentiating Hyeum Construction. Therefore, it is important to use specified colors consistently and accurately. The expression of exclusive color is based on the principle of using CMYK 4  process color, however different colors can be used depending on the applied media. 

  • Hyeum
    PANTONE 179CC0  M78  Y100  K0R235  G89  B2
  • Hyeum
    PANTONE 425CC0  M0  Y0  K70R114  G113  B113